Adstacks works in a way so that Installs and clicks count towards your earnings. When visitors engage with your Adstacks ads, you earn.
Adstacks ad products do not require any additional real estate on your web pages. Therefore, they do not interfere with any other ad campaigns on your website. In fact, many publishers find that Adstacks works best with Google AdSense as a perfect combo to generate the most revenue for their websites. Please note, however, that it is your responsibility to identify and remediate any contractual issues that may arise with your other ad network(s) when joining Adstacks.
Here at Adstacks we are obligated to maintain a high quality advertising environment for the sake of our advertisers as well as our publishers and web users worldwide. We use advanced fraud detection methods to make sure that all the user interaction with Adstacks ads is legitimate. For security purposes, we cannot disclose detailed information about our fraud criteria or our fraud detection tools.
There are many great methods to help you increase your revenue. One of these methods is to make sure that each ad unit you activate on your site is in the best location on the page so visitors notice and engage with it. Each of our ad units has special properties making it compatible with different kinds of designs and even traffic resources.
Adding new websites to your account is an easy and great way to increase your earnings. In order to add new sites to Adstacks, simply integrate your script into the site and our platform will register the site in your account. Once the website is active, you will be able to manage different settings and statistics reports for your websites individually.
Anywhere you want ads to be seen! With several products to choose from, Adstacks gives publishers the opportunity to uniquely monetize their websites any way they see fit. Common practice is to keep ads from appearing on your About and FAQ pages. The goal is to keep all of your ads in areas of your pages that are visible and interesting to your visitors.
Integrating Adstacks ads onto your website is fast and easy. Once you have signed up as an Adstacks publisher, use one of our awesome plugins, or integrate it yourself manually. For customization tips or to be sure that your Adstacks ads are optimized for the best results, please contact ourCustomer Support Team.
According to the Adstacks Terms of Service, we issue payments no later than 30 days from the end of the month that you reached the minimum payment threshold for your preferred payment option. Until your earnings exceed the threshold they will be added to the following month’s earnings in your account balance.
We do our best to issue your payments as soon as possible and update your Payment History accordingly.
The sky is the limit! Your Adstacks earnings depend on how you implement the various products on your site as well as your visitors’ engagement with the Adstacks ads. Adstacks does not work with fixed CPI rates and each advertiser we work with sets his own price per Install.
Signing up for Adstacks is quick and easy. All you need to do is fill out a short form and integrate the code into your site for the ads to appear instantaneously.
Follow these quick and easy steps to Join Adstacks now:
    1. Complete our brief sign-up form.
    2. Our team will review your application within 48 hours.
    3. Upon approval you will be able to integrate the Adstacks script into your web pages.
    4. Start earning revenue immediately.
    5. Once you’ve been approved you can login to the Publisher Center and track your earnings.

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